Taking precautions.

It's hot today and I've had to put the air conditioner on in the shed already.

It's forecast to reach 38 degrees, (about 100)

The wind is high and it's one of those days I rehearse in my mind where all the quilts are in the event of a bush fire. It sounds dramatic, but trust me we who live under the gum trees know the signs and the drill.

Today is called a Catastrophic fire Danger day.




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  1. Candy says:

    For goodness sake Pam! I am inspired and so have risen at 6am to get the washing done, before the collection of solar energy begins – have breaky and get on with the day – and now I read you have been up at 2.30am!!!!!! No way I can keep up with that (this from a 9 hour sleeper). I’ve just turned on the fan and checked the clouds outside for rain – hope it comes soon and relieves the garden from the heat. Seriously – great effort girl you keep at it! My commitment is to get the Guild Policy Book completed and in use by May.

  2. Thanks for sharing this video on new fire danger categories.

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