How embarrassing.

11.15 pm and sleep is hard to find tonight so I decided to come out to my studio and work on a presentation I will be giving tomorrow night.

In fact, I have a regime when I leave my studio at night of switching everything off and taking my special projects into the house for safe keeping.

Somehow tonight, I forgot to lock it and in fact, even shut my studio…. !!! girl what were you thinking.

In the house I heard loud music and thought it was a party… but when I came out here 3 hours later, the door was open, the music loud and it was my studio having it's own party. How embarrassing.

I had been working on some music scores for the presentation and I tunes must have started up again or something…. Sorry Neighbors.

Thank goodness I couldn't sleep.!!!!

It's still hot and the hot weather will continue for another week or so. (around 40 deg, 110 deg ) That means a shift in the way we do things around here for the next week or so.


I'm still working on this project. I'm really not sure how to finish it, but I quite like it.

It's hard to imagine that these images were designed by the hand of a scribe some 946 years ago and we still appreciate them today.

In the Bayeux Tapestry, I think they possibly lost some of the detail in creating an image in wool. However with applique I can refine the details. In this small project piece I can accentuate the details in the images with thread. They are crisp and concise.

Today I created a group of 8 men. Their facial features were all so different, and their hands are exaggeratedly expressive. With such strong images there is  little doubt left to the viewer as to the meaning of the image.


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  1. adamsme says:

    110 degrees? My heavens. That is too hot to think, much less work. Love the latest study.
    Do I understand correctly that you are on the second version of the Bayeux? This one being more colorful and in one long piece? What becomes of the first effort?

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