Despite working long hours today, I seem to have nothing physical that I can share with you tonight.

I've just returned home from giving a presentation to a very enthusiastic crowd and it was nice to be back in the entertainment format.

I'm embarrassed to share that I'm missing it.

I look longingly at the plane in the sky and advertisements of far away places on the TV.


Then again, I love my time working on the Bayeux. I love the research and I enjoy seeing the markers on the fabric that signify that I have done "another 10 feet"

I love the grandies and my kids and cooking bread and eating fresh tomatoes from the garden.

Tomorrow is Australia Day and most of the family will be breakfasting together at the park….the weather will be warm and I'm going to enjoy time to myself in the shed in the afternoon after the excitement has died down.

Tilly has been with me for the past 3 days and she's "crafted" she sits for hours with a box of stuff, "creating". Exciting events over the past two days have heightened the joy.



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  1. Carolyn says:

    Oh those itchie feet. I get it all the time, wanting to fly away that is. There is no cure I’m afraid.

  2. Dolores says:

    I remember years ago my mom mentioning that someone had the “travel bug” and it was hard for him or her to settle.
    I don’t mind travelling but I love coming home. I have always been a homebody.
    Enjoy your time at home with the family. They are what is most important in this world.

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