Bayeux Discipline. Project No 2.


This is the second of the projects originating from the "Bayeux Tapestry to Quilt" project.

I've used white linen for this project and I dyed the three layers with the safety pins in it to achiever the color and effect I have now.

The images of the faces are taken directly from the tapestry… there are over 600 people in the Tapestry and each person has a different face. You know you often see a portrait class, and every sample looks the same. I just love these guys, and guys they are because there are only 3 women depicted in the whole piece.

Their faces and hands have so much character.

The men above are all British, the Normans didn't have mustaches and had the back of their head shaved with hair pulled forward on the front of their foreheads.

On the quilt, I am depicting the Norman soldier pointing to the British. They look at him with disdain and some even turn their backs on him.

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