How did you get to where you are.?

How did you get to where you are?

Someone asked me that recently in an interview.

You know you never really think of those things.. Life just happens.

So I had a little time to reflect.

In my 60's now, I'm a genuine baby boomer, I'll never wear a cardigan, or my slippers to the shops… or even a nylon frock. To be honest, I never wear a frock.

HOW DID I GET HERE? I really have no idea. Sheer hard work and enjoyment I think.

Age 20, Keith and I got married.

By age 30, we had 7 children…. Goodness gracious, how did we do that? Jamie, Rachael and Matthew, (3 in 3 years) and we had adopted Joshua (newborn), Suchada, (aged 11) Darrin aged 8 and Phat came from Vietnam aged 15…….What were we thinking of!!!!

But it was a wonderful time. I wouldn't swap it for the world. It was a fun time in our lives.

Age 40, we added a few more bedrooms….Callie, Michael and Sam arrived……Lori, Liseby, Benny from Mauritius, Jinda from Thailand. Lean lived with us for a year, Bo for two….

The exchange students arrived, 6 in all and they stayed for a year. (not all at once.) but when I think about it, we did have 3 at once.

During that time I met a young man in Thailand who was traveling, I said "if you ever come our way you're welcome to stay"
He did….. for a year. He is now almost 55, lives close by us with his wife and child and is very much part of the extended family.

We had our own bus and a caravan for holidays and life was sure hectic


In my 40's I began my fashion design business with partner Cynthia…. She's just a little younger than I. (by 10 days)  As two Librans, we are exact opposites but worked well for some 15 years.

50 was a turn around. I was a dedicated quilter. Gee you all know what happens to you then, I don't need to explain.

Friends that's about the end of it…. Now I quilt, write, make documentaries and take photos…. What a way to go….

What have the 60's offered me.

I know I can discount at Denny's fast food restaurant. !!!! Senior discount in the movies in the USA takes the price down to about $6.00 – and on the plane, I feel I can ask the nice young man in the aisle to put my hand luggage up for me….!!! and I have no problem enjoying my classical music along with new country. I play them very loud.

In life we have things that are moments in time and end up being significant to our future. I often think back to when I had 3 littlies under 3 at home.

I was incredibly shy and introvert…. Trust me it's true. I had really low self esteem.

A turning point for me was once when Keith, (my husband) an Accountant was negotiating a business partnership with another accountant and we were invited to dinner to negotiate.

He turned up with his snotty secretary with a plum in her mouth, little back dress, coifed hair and tottering on heels far too high.
Her enjoyment for the evening, was to put me down with comments. "Oh, I couldn't bear to be just a housewife"
How can you let yourself have 3 children so quickly. Etc, etc.
By the end of the evening. I was ready to snot her.

I loved being a mum. My children were gorgeous… I sewed their clothes on my hand cranked machine… Believe me …..!!

I cooked, cleaned and was a happy as a pig in straw.

But this gal really got up my nose. I decided to show her…..

Where are you now honey?

Where am I now, working harder than ever, but enjoying life to the full

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  1. Julia Kelly says:

    Thank you for such an inspiring post! I’m a litle bit past half way from where you are- and also as happy as a pig in straw to be home with my kiddos- but looking ahead to when my little birdies fly the coop! No regrets so far!!

  2. Artl8dy says:

    I got a chuckle out of the comment for the nasty secretary! Just wanted to comment today as I’ve been following along and appreciate that you are taking the time to share your process. It’s very inspiring.
    (from Houston, TX)

  3. ann says:

    what a wonderful (very full! ) life so far. Not a moment in which to feel bored – sounds perfect to me. (though I do suspect you are trying to live several lifetimes in parrallel)

  4. Pam says:

    Thanks Sharon… sometimes it seems a bit “I am” when I put these things up. But I do it for myself as a journal too, and it’s what I’m thinking at the time.

  5. Pam says:

    It happens faster than you think. enjoy the journey.

  6. Pam says:

    Ann, maybe, but I relish every minute of it.

  7. Yolanda Tovar says:

    So truefull of what life is! One never knows where a path is going to take us.
    In my case I’m almost 60 and trying to start a new life, after discorying my husband’s adultery. But I had have a needle in my hands since I was 7 years old. I know the needle will heal my heart and will take me throu it.
    How were you able to take care of your small family and quilt at the same time is a miracle. You are an inspiration for me, to all of us.
    When you travel and post pictures and comments, I travel as well in my mind just by reading your blog
    Thank you for sharing

  8. Pam you are so right. Our children are who make us a well rounded person. And our grandchildren are who put light in our eyes. You go girl. Nancy

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