Month: February 2012

Dedicated Bayeux Discipline blog.

Now I'm wrting two blogs a day. This one and the dedicated Bayuex Discipline Blog. One of the meaningul things about this journey is that I have visited and photographed 95% of the places depicted on the tapestry. In the next few days I will be creating Mont Saint Michel, and in this blog I can add a slide show of the images I took.  

It’s raining it’s pouring.

It's been raining all day, great for the garden, the olive trees and the tomatoes say "thank-you" But I hate it. I don't like to look out of watery windows. Tomorrow will be better. It's the first day of Autumn and already some of the trees have turned. NO, I'm not ready for winter yet…. Please.   For the first time today, I thought…. "I need to get away. I need to do something different", and I find myself planning my time in way in June, July. I love what I'm doing here in the studio, but I'm pushing my limit. In two weeks time I will attend WOMADE, World Music festival,  and I'm going to concentrate on photography. April 11th, Melbourne for the quilt show. 9 days. First I will do  a photographic shoot for my assignment. Go to the show, and then a trip with a friend  from the USA. We plan 3 days on Ocean Road and she does have to see Koalas and Kangaroos so I think the Grampians would be …

Yet another costume to create

I created a different costume today.It’s hard to know, but I think it’s a form or armour.In the tapestry there are 8 different designs for the armour. It’s thought that the costume I created today could have been made from pieces of leather.This part of the Tapestry depicts Duke William and his men passing into Breton territory at the mouth of the River – Couesenon.The Couesnon River (French pronunciation: [kwenɔ̃]) is a river running from the département of Mayenne in north-western France, forming an estuary at Mont Saint-Michel. Its final stretch forms the border between the historical duchies of Normandy and Brittany. Its historically irregular course, alternating between two beds on the north and south of the Mont Saint-Michel There are men and horses making steady progress to the entrance of the river. The photos below are of the area depicted in the Tapestry.

It's been an amazing day today. More excitement that I can cope with and it had nothing to do with the excaped prisoners being hunted in our area.!!! I'm going to give myself an early minute tonight and have a coffee by the TV. I had to update to a new phone so I think I will play with that.      

It worked.

The overall effect of machine embroidering the garment has worked out well.Once constructed each image will be illustrated with pigment ink, however, I won’t do that until it’s appliqued because the thread will be dyed at the same time.I couldn’t resist trying just a little illustration, you can see how it adds depth and interest to the image taking it from, flat to dimensional.I drew the flag, the helmet and face of just two of the characters.

What are those helicopters doing?

I hope you enjoyed the coloricious video…. I was transfixed and I'm going to try it. I will use pigment inks though. Well, the helicopters have been overhead for 2 hours now. I wondered what it was there for. It used to be common place to have a helicopter go over when my son worked for the news… they would come and cirlce the shed…. FUN   Two more escapees have been caught by police, only one remains at large, after eight youth managed to cut their way through fencing surrounding the Cavan Training Centre, north of Adelaide on Monday night. South Australian police have arrested two more of the escapees, after they were allegedly travelling in a stolen white Holden Commodore sedan, on the South Eastern Freeway. OK, thats the answer. I finished the embroidered piece of costume yesterday….I was really pleased with the results. The video is up on the dedicated Bayeux Discipline site It means more work, but I really like the effect. I will do another notebook quilt tomorrow and get …

Visit Colouricious a wonderful site for Textile Artists.

Talking Threads is one of my favorite sites.  The videos are wonderul and I just found out that I can share them. Visit Myfanwy's website here to find out more about her and her work, click here. You know when you need just that right shade of colour for a certain project, well she has produced some wonderful hand dyed threads, fabrics and supplies which you will adore here. visit Colouricious for more information  

Its been done before

One of the unique things about working on a project such as this is that “it’s been done before” I’ll clarify that by saying that I don’t think anyone has made a Bayeux Quilt in its entirety before… but maybe there is one out there somewhere. I have over 20 books on the Tapestry. I’ve read all of them, some in more detail than others and  I always have one in my bag or on the I pad.. The books are a valuable resource and at first I learned of the history of the Bayeux Tapestry. It takes some time to get familiar with all the players.At this stage I’m able to understand the visual dialogue of the images because of the information afforded me in the books. I can follow the story of each character as the story unfolds. Today’s image is interesting and of course it makes it more intriguing after I have researched it. We are presented with a group of Norman soldiers who are escorting the prisoner Harold Godwinson. He and …

This is amazing

Simon Beck has spent a lot of time at Arc2000 in the French Alps this winter, but he hasn't been skiing. Beck spends his days doing something entirely different: making snow art. Many compare Beck's work to "crop circles," but this is not the labor of "aliens" who've chosen a wintrier medium. This "snow art" is the work of a lone artist who spends hours trudging around the French ski resort to fashion his designs. Beck's intricate creations come in a range of forms from spirals to cubes, snowflakes, and abstract figures. These snowy "crop circles" are created by the simple act of walking in the snow wearing raquettes. "They aren't hard to do," Beck boasts on his snow art page. "Good exercise, yes, but not particularly difficult. I've placed it in the walking category as they are made by walking about in snowshoes." The Oxford-educated self-employed map maker typically walks for about five hours or until he gets too tired, using a headlamp if it gets dark first. The shapes are created by a …

A few Changes

It's been a  week of ups and downs, one day I was fine, the next I was almost unable to stand and had the hot and cold shivers… I was fine the next day and then got it again the following day and so it continued. Strange. But other family members have had it too so it is a virus. Understandably  I've been a bit slow on the blog front but I've been working on new ideas for sharing information with you all. First of all I was afraid that I was saturating  you all with "Bayeux Fever", so I have set up a specific blog for dedicated followers. On that blog I will add more detailed information than I could on my normal blog. So  today the Bayeux Discipline blog is now at this link. You can RSS so you will be updated each time I add a new idea. Tomorrow I will make a video of machine embroidering one of the costumes of the soldiers in the quilt which will be my video …