New Web Site.

Today has been a little different.

I've begun working on my new web page  but it will take a long time to complete it.

I wanted a site where I can display my Photography, I-books, Quilts and Classes.


I've been on Baby watch and I just love having those little people around.



Miss Lilly, spent time in the Shed with me today, but most of it was spent in the sun in the back yard and shopping.

She played with Lionel,


and just hung around.

Her Baby brother or sister will be born tomorrow, so I think she and I will go to the beach and sit in the sand and paddle.

She had an interesting hair do today.

It took flight and bobbled away as she walked….1 year and 1 month and she's  on the go folks…on the go.

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  1. ann says:

    How precious, she’s lovely. My grandaughter is the same age, it’s wonderful being in her company.

  2. Lynn in Orlando says:

    How sweet she is…love the “do”

  3. Pam says:

    It is indeed.

  4. Photography, blogs, i-books, illustrations, tours, fabric designs and so on – your new website is so full of art. Not to mention, you even featured a music player in it. I’m impressed, Pam. You managed to add those works of art in just a span of 7 months. I guess you really possess the passion for the art of designing!

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