New web site.

I've been working on my new web site today

I'll add I books.

My photography.

Quilts for sale.

Patterns for sale and classes.  etc.etc.

I'm studying photography right now so I will put up some of my class pieces.

I downloaded 111 Bach Masterpieces today from Itunes…. heavenly

And designing book covers. Gone is the "fu- fu"





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  1. Aiden Carns says:

    How long have you been studying photography, Pam? I’ve checked out your site – the Photography section, specifically. I saw your shots, and they look so great… An excellent collection for someone who had just started studying. Hm, did you have background courses before?

  2. Pam says:

    Aiden, I haven’t studied before… this is the first time. But I’ve been a professional photographer for a long time.
    Now I need to know all the technical stuff.

  3. You’re a natural born artist, Pam! To have a beautiful photograph like this by a person who is just starting a photography class is really magnificent. Your work can be an inspiration for aspiring photographers who have the talent but do not have the sufficient money to enroll in photography class. There are a lot of things that we can learn by practice and experience that can never be taught within the four walls of our classroom.

  4. Pam says:

    Doretta Thank you for your kind words. The course is hard, but I’m enjoying the challenge.

  5. Your photographs will definitely help your website gain traffic and attract potential clients. =) In addition, it’s also best to put up some videos. Posting unique and never-before-seen footages is a good strategy to make your products and the site more convincing. Coming up with short clips is a surefire way to catch attention in the World Wide Web. In any case, I wish you luck on your online arsenal. Keep it up! =)

  6. Kevin Beamer says:

    True. Adding some videos would probably work better for your brand promotion. That way, you’re directly informing the customers about the aspects of your business and/or services. It’s also a more engaging avenue of learning about your business, which will surely be enjoyed by your potential clients. Who knows, your video presentation may go viral in no time! =)

  7. I like the clean and clear layout of your website. It’s good that you made it easy for visitors to navigate your site. Plus, the colors you used helped a lot to make your website more attractive and easy on the eyes, since disturbing, flashy images will drive away your viewers. Good job, Pam! =)

  8. Months have passed, and I’m sure you did learn a lot of stuff about photography. Well, it’s one of my habits to check out pictures when I surf the net, and I think that posting some of your best pictures will definitely draw visitors to your website. You know, people like looking at pictures. Even if they don’t know much about photography, I’m sure they would really appreciate it and enjoy your wonderful shots.

  9. I checked the site, and boy, it’s so refreshing to the eyes. That’s the ideal web design if you’re promoting your products or services. Let’s be mindful that people of all ages might stumble upon your site, so it’s advisable to make the page lighter and user-friendly.

  10. Glenn Evans says:

    Your website looks good; the potential is there, and with a bit of unique ideas, it’ll definitely catch the eyes of some art enthusiasts out there. Try to create a mobile version of your website, something that is very navigable and with fluid graphics. People on the go can access it, especially because smartphones and mobile internet are trendy nowadays.

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