Video Diary No 5

I can't believe it's at late as it is.

Where has the day gone?

My computer tells me the time with hourly reminders. "It's 8.00 o clock" he said said in dulcet tones.


The sun sets late these days and it's easy to loose track of time.

Things haven't run smoothly on the Bayeux for the past 3 weeks for many reasons and I began to feel concerned and out of control, but  late this week I just let it flow.

I have still maintained the work schedule 6 – 8 hours a day, but I had to push myself to the absolute limit to achieve it and it didn't all happen in the time schedule I set for myself.

Family events, sickness and unscheduled work programs had to be fitted in and it was stressful for me.

The web page is coming along well, it takes a lot of time, but I'm happy with the results.

I Books.  Is a new format where I can share patterns and videos and I'm thrilled with this new format.

Mexican_tiles-1.pdf (page 2 of 10)
Mexican_tiles-1.pdf (page 6 of 10)

These are a couple of pages from the book. You can go to the link, download the book and look at it on your computer…. I love all this tech stuff.!!! there are still so many other things to explore in this program..

The quilt below is a pattern I designed a while ago. It's been made by a lot of people, and each one looks so different.

I had to re-create it in EQ7 and then it will be online as an I Book and it's designed for my friends in Alamogordo and for our event The Southern New Mexico Festival of Quilts. 

"My friends in  Alamogordo are absolute stars. !!!!
Every one has worked hard to create a special quilt event for you all, and through your generosity they’ve made it  possible for 100’s of children to have a better and safer life.
With the support of the first National Bank of  Alamogordo we are aiming to make this an annual event."


Alamagordo stars

Alamagordo star 2.




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