What track are you on?

Have you ever turned left and wondered where you would have ended up if you turned right.?

Left_hand_curve_sign_(India) 540px-Right_hand_curve_sign_(India).svg

I was probably the most "ill prepared for life" teenager.

I was what we called a "dork" in Australian slang.

I lived in my own world but yearned to burst from the bubble, somehow, deep down I knew I would do it one day.

Like many of you, I've walked down many roads. That of being a parent of a large multiracial  adoptive family.

A sad track through foster care for children in trauma.

The excitement of Fashion Design and photgraphy and Quilting.

Sometimes, looking for adventure, I would turn right and sample a little of what was presented there, but nervously I chose to turn back on the path of security and comfort.

At other times, I took the risk and found rocky terrain that I had to work to smooth out but it was worth the risk in the end.

Right now I'm in my "right' phase…. and I'm enjoying every minute.





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  1. Kate says:

    Yes, I do wonder…and I would love quite a few lives to experience it all!!! I don’t like going just from A to B – the side streets and byways always beckon…

  2. Pam says:

    Kate, I would like more time…more hours in the day.

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