A few Changes

It's been a  week of ups and downs, one day I was fine, the next I was almost unable to stand and had the hot and cold shivers… I was fine the next day and then got it again the following day and so it continued. Strange. But other family members have had it too so it is a virus.

Understandably  I've been a bit slow on the blog front but I've been working on new ideas for sharing information with you all.

First of all I was afraid that I was saturating  you all with "Bayeux Fever", so I have set up a specific blog for dedicated followers. On that blog I will add more detailed information than I could on my normal blog.

So  today the Bayeux Discipline blog is now at this link. You can RSS so you will be updated each time I add a new idea.

Tomorrow I will make a video of machine embroidering one of the costumes of the soldiers in the quilt which will be my video blog of the week.

It's been hot and delightful most of the week. I'm quilting a very large quilt that is for display in Dublin… I absolutely love it, and it's the quilt that the notebook quilts will be a part of.

So, the plan is to do another notebook quilt this week and as part of the "Gabriella Goodness and her Angelic Friends Quilt" I will present the "Gazebo Pattern". It's one of my favorites.

We had a family birthday today,  Kodi turned 8 and the garden was crawling with wet kids  toting those huge water pistols… I was in fear of my life…  (well actually my camera)


I think the Dads had just as much fun.

This photo is of Kodi as he was presented his Volcano birthday cake.


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  1. SharronS says:

    Just a quick heads up Pam, at this time the Bayeaux link isn’t working.

  2. Pam says:

    Just try it again Sharron, i was working on it… so maybe that was the problem, I’ve re-published my blog.

  3. SharronS says:

    Got it Pam, no to read and enjoy.xx

  4. Dolores says:

    What a handsome young man and yes, dads do have as much fun (if not more) than little ones with water guns.
    Take care of yourself – don’t over do things.

  5. Wendy in Kennewick says:

    Happy Birthday, Kod-man! Looking forward to seeing your Dublin quilt at some point.

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