So now it’s up and running

Just two months since I began working on my Quilt each day.

It was the 26th of December and as I mentioned in the previous post I will link to the blogs from that time.

This format means that I can add more detailed information and it will be in the form of a daily journal.

Today I came up with a difficult situation.

I am encountering some really detailed garments decoration.  Normally I just create a fabric garment that is appliqued and illustrated. This is the first of the soldiers with a chain mail garment.

I have some wonderful Hoffman fabric that fits the bill for many of the foot soldiers in normal chain mail, but this guy is different.

What to do… How do I depict it.

So I’ve printed the image onto fabric and I will embroider it tomorrow and share the video with you all.


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  1. esther aliu says:

    Love your new blog!
    Thanks for sharing.

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