Its been done before

One of the unique things about working on a project such as this is that “it’s been done before”

I’ll clarify that by saying that I don’t think anyone has made a Bayeux Quilt in its entirety before… but maybe there is one out there somewhere.

I have over 20 books on the Tapestry. I’ve read all of them, some in more detail than others and  I always have one in my bag or on the I pad..

The books are a valuable resource and at first I learned of the history of the Bayeux Tapestry. It takes some time to get familiar with all the players.

At this stage I’m able to understand the visual dialogue of the images because of the information afforded me in the books.

I can follow the story of each character as the story unfolds.

Today’s image is interesting and of course it makes it more intriguing after I have researched it.
We are presented with a group of Norman soldiers who are escorting the prisoner Harold Godwinson. He and his men are treated as guests in a way, but he knows he can’t escape from his hospitable capturers. There is no question that he could return to England. William, has rescued Earl Harold from Guy Ponthieu.
I imagine that Harold is wondering just what William has in store for him.

There is trouble afoot.

Duke Conan of Brittany has declared his intention to attack Rivalon of Dol a Breton allies William.

Eve the warrior, William will intervene and take Earl Harold with him, another honorable warrior. No matter who he was fighting for Earl Harold has his pride at stake and in reality he was unable to refuse the offer.

Was William intending to show Earl Harold his superior fighting prowess? 

Today,  I had to create 3 soldiers preparing to go to war. This is the first time in the Tapestry that soldiers in battle clothes appear.

My dilemma was how I was going to represent the scene soldier with the dramatic attire.

I decided to print an image from the tapestry (on to fabric) and then free motion quilt it.
The video diary explains the technique.

The video

Click to set custom HTML PictureThe image printed on muslin or known as calico in Australia and Britain. PictureThe finished piece cut out and placed on the applique scene.

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