It’s raining it’s pouring.

It's been raining all day, great for the garden, the olive trees and the tomatoes say "thank-you"

But I hate it. I don't like to look out of watery windows.

Tomorrow will be better. It's the first day of Autumn and already some of the trees have turned.

NO, I'm not ready for winter yet…. Please.


For the first time today, I thought…. "I need to get away. I need to do something different", and I find myself planning my time in way in June, July.

I love what I'm doing here in the studio, but I'm pushing my limit.

In two weeks time I will attend WOMADE, World Music festival,  and I'm going to concentrate on photography.

April 11th, Melbourne for the quilt show. 9 days. First I will do  a photographic shoot for my assignment. Go to the show, and then a trip with a friend  from the USA.

We plan 3 days on Ocean Road and she does have to see Koalas and Kangaroos so I think the Grampians would be best.

Any suggestions.?

Today I worked an illustrated costume as opposed to the machine embroidered costume.


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  1. aussie jo says:

    Plenty of kangaroos at the Anglesea golf course- no need to play!!

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