Yet another costume to create

I created a different costume today.
It’s hard to know, but I think it’s a form or armour.
In the tapestry there are 8 different designs for the armour. It’s thought that the costume I created today could have been made from pieces of leather.
This part of the Tapestry depicts Duke William and his men passing into Breton territory at the mouth of the River – Couesenon.
The Couesnon River (French pronunciation: [kwenɔ̃]) is a river running from the département of Mayenne in north-western France, forming an estuary at Mont Saint-Michel. Its final stretch forms the border between the historical duchies of Normandy and Brittany. Its historically irregular course, alternating between two beds on the north and south of the Mont Saint-Michel

There are men and horses making steady progress to the entrance of the river.

Picture The photos below are of the area depicted in the Tapestry.

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