Month: March 2012

Covered in Koala.

It's been just one of those days. Husband Keith mowed the lawn today and the painter who was working nearby tells me he lost his glasses twice during the process. I looked up to see him wandering around the garden…. he had lost them again. In the past Keith has chewed 5 pairs of glasses with the lawn mower…..!!!! So we set about looking for this pair and I admit to mumbling a lot… After lunch, he begins the mowing again….. 10 minutes later… he brings me this. pair no 6. and by they way they are prescrition glasses…..!!!! OI !!! I shared on facebook that we had a young visitor yesterday… a young male Koala. He was  sitting in the fork of the tree about 7 foot up. I kept the dogs inside and after an hour decided to let them out. About 10 minutes later the painter came into the studio, he was quite breathless. It seems the Koala went down on the ground to go to another tree…. dog Lionel got too …


What a day and it's only half way through. Had a great meeting with my book designer…. it's soooooo exciting. Then we bought a car (well ordered it). Now you can have one built  for you… bright red, cream leather seats, wood paneling … a sun roof… it has all the bells and whistles…you just press a button to dial…. "Ring Keith" and it rings your phone….. wooow. I bought more bright knitting needles… some old books and vintage playing cards…. Recently, the price ticket on the garment I purchased was an old playing card with the price stuck on the front… I thought it was wonderful… So, I bought some old cards today for 25 cents, printed my name etc on card, stuck it to the back of the card and then laminated them and added ribbon… I will give them to the people who are on the tour bus in Ireland with me. Cost, about 50 cents for 50 cards.!!! but a lot of work. I'm Tasmanian, and these vintage cards are perfect. …

Color, Color, Color.

I wasn't able to work much yesterday, but I did a few other interesting things… I spent time with 3 groups of Grandies and I while I was waiting for Tilly to finish school (to go to the next event,) I did the op shops… I found wonderful vintage knitting needles…. (I only want old colored ones) Great colors.   My parcel arrived from Cherrywood…. OOOOOOh sooooo delicious. MMMMMMMM THEN, I unpacked the dinner set I designed in Mexico…… Wooooow….. This is a large platter over 2 feet across… great for family functions. This is the saucer I designed….. mmmm bright.!!!! Small coffee cups for middle eastern coffee.

New Books.

Working, working and trying to be very disciplined and not get side tracked. I ordered some new books to add to my library yesterday…. They take about a week to come so it's like getting Christmas presents as they arrive one by one.   I devour my books with a passion and they give me a great source of pleasure and interests. OK, I'm sad to say, they are less than half price by purchasing them online and are delivered free from England. It would cost me $15 to drive to town to purchase just one of the books…  some of these are not stocked here in Australia. I guess that's the way it is these days…. Tested out a new car yesterday….. Nup, we need to re-think, it was fancy and had all the bells and whistles… but not as good as the car I drive now…..!!!!      

The rise of the Creative Class.

It was a wonderful weekend, I caught up on a lot of work, completed a big assignment, visited with family and friends and attended an Design/art Market.   Image shot for my assignment. Think about Art, Think about design, Innovation, talent and an ability to market. It was all there, even the guys were impressed. I realized that I need to market my art much more…. so I'm going to make cards, print more fabric with my illustrations on.   I bought this little gem for Lily. A recycled sweater… decorated…..!!!  love it. I think Tilly and I need to work on some for her too. These were purchased from Textile Allsorts. She had some interesting textile art for sale too. I purchased some scrap fabric packs to do "something with" Whoops…. I'm going to add this piece and a label I pinched from another garment to these pants. And these are my new luggage tags and passport cover.!!! how neat. As I walked around the venue, there wasn't a decorated tissue box or even …

One more week and this quilt will be finished…!!

I'm finishing a quilt that should have been completed 3 months ago… But a break from the Bayeux has been good and I'm quilting to the max. This is an interesting quilt… it's darn big and has been in part a collaboration… I'm quilting the heck out of it and adding a huge amount of extras in the way of applique over the piecing and the notebook quilts. I've actually learned a lot as I've worked on it… and now I'm "quilting over the quilting" and applique. Should I call it "double quilting" Considering that the  stitching  is really  intense in the first place… using a fine thread to achieve a sketched effect has been  challenging because it is going through so many layers. The effect I wanted was to free the heaviness of the machine applique and create a lighter effect…. So in the wee hours of the morning, I got it done. I'm not allowed to show you the whole quilt…but those of you coming to Ireland will see it. But this is …

What was it.

12.30 am, the alarm went off…. it's piercing and lights flash all over the house. I jumped out of bed and raced out to the studio…. All was quiet.   The security company rang…. I never remember the password.!!! Then back to bed… suddenly, the dogs were barking…  They rarely bark, so back out to the studio…. Nothing. Back to bed and more barking dogs…. This time I slept downstairs and had all the lights on outside… Lionel, kept running back and forth in an agitated state…. looking at the studio. In the mean time, my husband slept through the lot while I dealt with a possible intruder….!! It could have been a person, a possum or a Koala. I slept on the chair downstairs all night. !! fun.