It was preparation day today.

I can’t create every day.
The work is rotated.
Prepare the applique, Put it on the quilt.
The preparation for just one foot X twenty five inches  takes about 4 hours depending on my degree of stick ability.

I also spend time researching each day and this is what I’ve learned about the garments I’ve created in fabric.

It stands to reason that metal chain mail suits stood the tests of time. However, the scholars have re-constructed garments and armour from iconographic evidence alone.

Chain Armour was made up of small linked iron rings and was called “Maille treslie”

Armour composed if fabric or leather body jack, onto which was sewn or riveted metal plates. Sometimes they even used horn and the garment was called a Byrnie, or broigne.
Each Character in the Tapestry has a different garment and it makes it exciting to re-create such ab diverse project.

The Bayeux Tapestry is the only artifact, apart from the Roda Bible to show armour with a square, mail-covered panel on the chest. Small circles are visible at each angle of the plate. Sometimes, ribbons are seen these small circles but it is presumed that the breastplate was a re-enforcement to hold the heavy metal helmets in place. Maybe they were like the eyelets on a tarpaulin.

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  1. Liz Needle says:

    Pam, I’ve been following the progress of your magnificent “Bayeux” with great interest. My long ago ancester Baldwin St Gearge came to England with William. He was from St Georges near Limoges and was one of William’s Companions at Arms. Maybe you have created him in your work. I like to think so.
    Liz Needle

  2. JIM WEST says:

    i never saw this until today……………if i begin to tell you how extraordinary it is, that will limit how impressed i am.
    well done honey, so incredible.

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