Our Boy

21 years ago we adopted a small boy from Thailand..he was 6 years old but the size of a 3 year old. He's our youngest son, one would say our "baby'

He had lived in an orphanage all his life, abandoned at birth because he had different colored eyes. A beautiful blue eye and the other is brown.

He had never even walked on grass, or had  personal possessions…  his clothes were from the pile in the cupboard.

Wearing undies was a shock to the system, he walked like a crab for a few days.

Bathing him was even more traumatic, he stuck his feet to the walls never having been in warm water.

They called him "Jinda" at the orphanage, that means sapphire. It's not a known name, but we kept it.

When we took him out everyone would point and comment on his blue eye, so he pulled his hat over it.

Jinda  is deaf and came to Australia with no language. But, with help from the deaf society and a big old family at home, he began to learn  English. Haltingly at first and then a torrent.

School was difficult for him, but we chose the best and the most expensive school in our city, he studied hard  and today he is a super Chef. (well I'm biased but I think so)

He's a bit of lad, loves bling, motorbikes and fancy clothes but the kindest person I know.

Happy Birthday honey.

Son Jinda and Grand Daughter Chiane


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  1. peg in ks says:

    pam you and your family are amazing…..love your storys you share…peg in kansas

  2. Pam says:

    Peg, thank you so much

  3. Charmayne says:

    Blessed was he to have been born with different colored eyes so he could become part of your family. A precious treasure for him and for you.

  4. Wendy in Kennewick says:

    Happy birthday, Jinda. I know where you got your love of bling!! 🙂

  5. Dorothy Karman says:

    Thank you for sharing your family with us and happy birthday Jinda. Dorothy.

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