A new idea.

I think I’ve discovered a great way to hold my applique down.

Of course it has to be ironed…(which I do a lot)

When I was doing my weekly ironing on Sunday, I looked across at my iron press…
Ah ha….why don’t I try to press the applique down….(not just iron.)

So nervously I gave it a go…

Voila. I don’t think that applique will move under any circumstances.

The press is flat and to be honest I bought it for applique but I never even gave the Bayeux Quilt a thought…. probably because I didn’t use it on the other quilts.

Somehow, I’ve been slower this week.

The detail is very fine. When I’ve completed putting down a panel, I think goodness that doesn’t look much. But in reality it’s taken me 8 hours. (as it did today)

It takes about 12 hours to do one foot of applique. (that’s just assembling it, not sewing)

3914 pieces of applique so far and 463 hours of work.

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