A Quilters day off.

I find it hard to get enthused about working in the studio after I've been out out all day.

Don't get me wrong I love being in the studio…. I almost live there… I spend more time there than anywhere else.

But spending time out seems like a  trigger to extend the day just a little longer..

There is probably something deep and meaningful in the reason but I'm yet to work it out.

I went to writers week today.

Adelaide Writers’ Week brings together some of the world’s great writers and thinkers for a week of readings, discussions and debate. The stunning line-up includes some of contemporary literature’s most compelling voices, many of whom have never before visited Australia, and a satisfying mix of established writers and emerging voices.

It's a 6 day event and the huge crowds sat under a canopy of evergreen trees and blue shades. I kept looking up, the silhouette of the trees on the blue was beautiful.


Les Murray, world famous poet and literary scholar held us in the palm of his hand for an hour of poetry reading. His laconic style, purely Australian.

It was a perfect day for relaxing and being transported.

The crowd was ageless in a way, but in reality I think I was with my age group and above.

The applause was spontaneous and with three Author events on at the same time it seemed to reverberate around the grounds.

Green grass, just perfect after the rain.



I walked the short distance into the city.

Temporary Poster

and I found lots of great things to photograph.

Images from the migration museum



I saw 6 of these poles outside the art gallery in the exit lane way, each one decorated with small stickers… I looked at them for a while and then realized they were the stickers you are given when you go to an exhibition. When the patrons come out, they have followed the leader and added their sticker to the pole with no instruction other than a visual experience.

I took lots of photos today. Being creative with the camera.

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