Mentorship without mega egos

I put my head in my hands.

My friends who create works of art by making quilts are all artists and yet some folk ….Oi….. they believe that their method and opinion is the only one.

My idea about quilting is that its a sharing, creative business to work in and yes, I've been the butt of people who think they have the right to say…. "Your work isn't a real  Quilt. You shouldn't use photos… You're not a real artist if you re-create something"….!!

Bless them…. or something like that.

I guess as professional artist in the  field I now accept  criticism with a shrug of the shoulders….but it hasn't always been like that.

I've just deleted over 50 messages on a quilting site where dare I say an argument over views has been continuing.

So I think they are now out of my loop and I can look at more interesting and positive subjects.

So if you're a budding artist. Just do what you do best. Mentor ship without mega egos and manipulation is the key.

Then again as  I write this I guess I have an opinion myself, an opinion that I just want people to be respectful of others talents.


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  1. Susan Powell says:

    Dear Pam
    I find your blog fascinating and inspiring. I believe what you put here is an extremely generous, ongoing gift to the readers, people who have the right to read, or not read, as they choose. The fact that a large number of us choose to read it is a testament to the belief that you have something valuable to offer and I for one am very grateful that you choose to share your art and life with us.
    That you have chosen NOT to read further on another website where negative views have been expressed and taken the positive step of deleting them from your computer is the kind of voting power the internet provides.

  2. Kate says:

    Good on you for using the delete button! The “I’m right you’re wrong” viewpoint is usually the province of those who are scared or ignorant or too timid to listen to or follow the voice inside them that will challenge them and take them on new paths. History is full (thank goodness) of people who took the less well-trodden (indeed, often invisible-to-others) route. Having said that, I DO think it is useful to look for answers to questions like “what IS art?” “what IS a quilt?” and sometimes by exploring what something is NOT, is the way to finding out what it IS…This can be done respectfully and with an attitude of enquiry and interest, I think.

  3. aussie jo says:

    Here! Here!
    Live and let live

  4. Nola says:

    Dear Pam,
    I agree with your comment about respecting other people’s right to have their own method of creating. Each person does it the way that works for them. How boring if there was only one way.
    I know it can be difficult not to allow the bad apple syndrome affect us.
    Congratulations of using the delete button on negativity.
    So many quilters follow your blog to be inspired and to learn from you. Thank you for sharing so much of yourelf, your family and your methods so freely.
    Your reinterpretation of the Baeyer Tapestry is mind blowing. I find myself almost worrying for you re managing the satin stiching/quilting.
    Love and hugs

  5. I’m with you Pam,
    I’ve been watching the stuff that has been happening on that group site and I must admit that I have been amazed by the comments made by some of the artists that I admire! I had no idea that there was such a narrow view held by some people! I feel your frustration! My delete button is overworked.

  6. Pam says:

    Thank you everyone. It’s not personal, just disappointing.
    Nola… It’s a synch… I’ve had a bit of practice.
    and thanks.

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