How pliable is the project?

238 feet of ironed down applique.
There are almost 100 individual pieces in each foot, so how stiff is the project?

I’m using steam a seam lite by The Warm Company.
They have given me 3 rolls and I’m very frugal with it, I save every small piece for tiny appliques.

When cutting it off the roll, I use it in about 20″ pieces… that way I find I’m not handing it too much.

The things I look for in a fusible web is the way it adheres the applique to the fabric without fraying.

Some pieces are tiny and if they aren’t sewn down I found with other  fusible they tended to lift. But this one is perfect.

After I have done about 10 feet. I re-press the quilt top with an iron press. Trust me, they don’t move.

PictureCut applique pieces PictureI just love the ships

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