Art with a little person.

My Mum, Shirley Smedley was a wonderful artist. She passed away last year.

She loved her studio and   it was a tragedy when she had to go to a care facility and leave behind her beloved 'creative' space.

Happily, she really loved her beautiful room at Rest Haven 'Resort' as she called it and took with her  a box of art and embroidery supplies.

When she passed away I bought them to my studio and put them in an orange box, simply labeled "Mums"

Miss Tilly age 5, loves to 'craft' and every now and then I give her one the special things from that box.

Today I gave her a small easel and canvas that Mum had ready to use.


Without my help and prompting she worked for an hour out on the back table, she told me   how to mix warm and cold colors. (She learned that on kids TV)!!!!



So with her little paint set, a 5 year olds determination, one of my pigment ink pens, she produced this.


Mum would have loved this. Well done Tilly. We're going to make cards with this on the front.!!


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  1. peg in ks says:

    very well done and it is beautiful…pam you mum would have been proud…peg in ks

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