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It was a rush to pick up my husband from work, pack the cameras… throw on some 'arty clothes' and head off down to the city.

My son, just home from filming on the Sea Shepherd in the Antarctic was there…. but whoow… where? I haven't seen him for 3 months.

There were thousands of people dancing, sitting in groups, eating delicious food and simply enjoying the ambiance.

I made my way to stage 1 to photograph my first group of performers… I've spent ages rehearsing my settings and making sure the cameras are set correctly.

The amazing drummers from Burundi.

I'm short… the stage is tall, the crowd behind you don't want you standing in front of them… BUT there is a step on the barriers that I can jump up on occasionally.

I get  so carried away with taking photos that I forget everything except the link between the artist and the camera. Dozens of other photographers are there and it is an adrenaline rush.


 a drummer appears on stage carrying his drum on his head.

I put one camera down and pick up another… the music is intense, 1000's of people are in a crush behind the barriers and all I can think of is getting the best angle.

My aim is to capture the spirit of the performers and try to share the experience in a visual way.


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