Horses and Hooves

I’ve had a break for a few days. That doesn’t mean that I didn’t work on the Bayeux, but it was minimal, not 6 the hours a day I normally do. Somehow I feel a sense of loss if I don’t work the 6 hours, but I did enjoy the break.

I needed to attend to other things and have a bit of down time.

Here it is, Tuesday, 13th March and I’m up at 4.00 am, the heater is on, the dogs asleep in their basket, always at my side and I’m completing a rather difficult scene of 4 horses and riders.

When I create horses, the hooves are the most difficult, and despite numbering them, I always had difficulty getting them to fit.
So I complete the rest of the applique and then do each hoof  individually.

That way, I get it right and don’t waist so much time…..
or get frustrated.

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