They wonder at the star.

I decided to create a small project today to get me back into the swing of things…

So I began to experiment.

I thought I might try Cheryl Bridgarts' idea of drawing with thread on paper. It's not new to me, I've done it many times before… I've even put paper on quilt and heavily quilted it.

So using  some heavy art paper I drew out the image.

I didn't really like it.

I selected an image from the Bayeux tapestry.

I really like the image of these guys. In fact they are English men, standing in wonder as they watch Halleys Comet. The Latin inscription states "THEY WONDER AT THE STAR"

I printed it small (about 3" X 2" ) onto paper.

It printed just fine, but I didn't like the result when it was sewn, so back to what I do best… sew it on fabric.

I like the effect better. It has batting and backing and I outlined it in pen for clearer vision because it's so small under the sewing machine.

I am using embroidery thread instead of cotton, it gives it a nice effect I think and I will outline it with very fine black thread… probably the bottom line.

I'm thinking of using it as a portable decoration for my Jackets.. got to work that one out.

In the meantime I have to complete a assignment tomorrow… so study tonight by the TV.

The lurgy I had has gone but been passed on to my Husband… poor thing….


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