Stolen Quilts.

Once again another Quilt Teacher has her quilts stolen, this time from her hire car.

Shewill soon be putting the quilts up online and hopefully they can be traced


Karen Combs says.

"I've walked and drove the area, checked dumpsters (that was pleasant),
called pawn shops and quilts shops in the area. I don't think
it was a quilter, no one in the guild knew where I was staying
I booked my own reservation, a very nice Marriott Courtyard

Police said it looked like a pro, and it was a hit and run. They broke
out the drivers window , grabbed my suitcase and ran. Oddly enough
they never touched the shipping tubs, filled with product

Luckily, my lecture/trunk show quilts were laying on the second
bed. However, I lost 7 quilts from my best filling class, all the step-
by-step demos, all of my teaching "gear" and the suitcase"

It's a Tutors worst nightmare. I worry about loosing quilts all the time.

I've lost some from class, and somefrom baggage handlers… so you just never know.

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  1. Maria Elkins says:

    This story is now posted on the Lost Quilt Come Home webpage at

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