One more week and this quilt will be finished…!!

I'm finishing a quilt that should have been completed 3 months ago…

But a break from the Bayeux has been good and I'm quilting to the max.

This is an interesting quilt… it's darn big and has been in part a collaboration… I'm quilting the heck out of it and adding a huge amount of extras in the way of applique over the piecing and the notebook quilts.


I've actually learned a lot as I've worked on it… and now I'm "quilting over the quilting" and applique. Should I call it "double quilting"

Considering that the  stitching  is really  intense in the first place… using a fine thread to achieve a sketched effect has been  challenging because it is going through so many layers. The effect I wanted was to free the heaviness of the machine applique and create a lighter effect….

So in the wee hours of the morning, I got it done. I'm not allowed to show you the whole quilt…but those of you coming to Ireland will see it.

But this is what I was working on this morning.



I used a 60/8 sharp needle and the bottom line poly thread in the top and bobbin to get the fine effect.

I've used lots of different threads and needles in this project… it's been fun…

I've experimented a lot with threads, tension and different needles and I've written it down for future use. The reason, I'm pleased I did this is that I had another beginning Tutor tell me that my methods and use of fine needles didn't work…

"If you use a fine needle the thread breaks all the time".

I didn't argue with her.

You know we don't all have the answers, there are so many variables, type of machine, threads, needles, tension. Everything needs to be taken into consideration. So in writing down what works for your machine is an insurance that you get it just right in the first place.

I wonder if anyone recognizes this image of the woman in my applique.?



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  1. Love your piece, wonderful design and saying to go with it.
    I was trying to figure out if it is painted?

  2. Pam says:

    It’s machine embroidered.

  3. Penny says:

    Woman in a Landscape Russell Drysdale I think. She looks better on your quilt!

  4. Pam says:

    You’ve got it…. I’ve loved her image since I was a child…. I used to draw her when I was little and her persona fitted in perfectly with my ideas and image picturel.

  5. That’s goood.!

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