New Books.

Working, working and trying to be very disciplined and not get side tracked.

I ordered some new books to add to my library yesterday…. They take about a week to come so it's like getting Christmas presents as they arrive one by one.


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I devour my books with a passion and they give me a great source of pleasure and interests.

OK, I'm sad to say, they are less than half price by purchasing them online and are delivered free from England.

It would cost me $15 to drive to town to purchase just one of the books…  some of these are not stocked here in Australia.

I guess that's the way it is these days….

Tested out a new car yesterday….. Nup, we need to re-think, it was fancy and had all the bells and whistles… but not as good as the car I drive now…..!!!!




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  1. Wonderful books for inspiration.
    I usually buy online too, or I see if I can get it from the libraries, which is nice since we can borrow from any one in the state and have it delivered to the one that I use at home.

  2. Yvonne Brennan says:

    I buy online also. Its sad for the Australian economy that I do, but.. neither my local Patchwork shop, nor the Collins bookshop, has the stock, let alone the choices! Books are my teachers…because of where I western NSW

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