Covered in Koala.

It's been just one of those days.

Husband Keith mowed the lawn today and the painter who was working nearby tells me he lost his glasses twice during the process.

I looked up to see him wandering around the garden…. he had lost them again.

In the past Keith has chewed 5 pairs of glasses with the lawn mower…..!!!!

So we set about looking for this pair and I admit to mumbling a lot…

After lunch, he begins the mowing again….. 10 minutes later… he brings me this.

pair no 6. and by they way they are prescrition glasses…..!!!! OI !!!

I shared on facebook that we had a young visitor yesterday… a young male Koala.

He was  sitting in the fork of the tree about 7 foot up. I kept the dogs inside and after an hour decided to let them out.

About 10 minutes later the painter came into the studio, he was quite breathless.

It seems the Koala went down on the ground to go to another tree…. dog Lionel got too close.. the Koala jumped on his back and the painter had to use his foot to free poor Lionel who was completely covered in Koala…He had scratches on his tummy and a puncture on his foot. It wasn't serious, but it could have been.

I rang the vet, she burst out laughing, she had never seen a dog attacked by a koala…. poor Lionel.

During the afternoon, Grand daughter Savannah was playing with her craft box (she's 3 years old) so the scissors in her box are not sharp and are like pinking shears…

Suddenly we heard this terrible yelping… The painter ran in once again….. Lionel steals anything on the floor, he helped himself to the scissors and got them wedged in his teeth…

Gees Louise.

 Just before dinner, all was quiet and then another commotion… Lionel had found a blue tongue Lizard and bought it into the studio….He was about  18 inches long and very angry… hissing and sharing his blue tongue….

To date he is somewhere still in the studio under the fabric stash…

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  1. jodie says:

    I Like Lionel !

  2. Nedra says:

    Oh, Pam, you made me laugh this morning. Keith and the lawnmower story is just too funny. And you have situations in Australia we just never have here in the United States. No koalas to chew on our pets.

  3. Liz Renner says:

    Oh hahahahaha… what a day! That painter must think he’s working for the crazy family. I think you need to have a family reunion and invite him to join in. That’s to precious, but I’ll bet you were mumbling (as you said). Work? Huh? How can you get anything done with all that going on?

  4. Lynn says:

    This may be a silly question but how are the glasses ending up in the lawn? Love the stories you post on life in Australia as it is much different than my life on a midwest Nebraska farm.

  5. Pam says:

    Keith has them in his pocket… then bends over to start the mower, glasses fall out…. he mows over them….. (6 pairs)
    One would think he would learn.

  6. Carolyn says:

    Don’t let the dogs look for that Blue Tongue Lizard. I had one inside that the cat cornered and the smell they put out. just horrible.
    Just love the sound of Lionel.

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