Month: April 2012

Studio Blog Hop begins tomorrow.

It's a few days since I've had time to write. The days till I leave are just flying by and I have to finish all the illustrations for the book…..!!! I managed a lot of technical work with my photographic studies today, I touched base with Alamogordo, New Mexico and Ireland and preparing lessons. I'm putting the finishing touches to a major quilt project and I'm pretty chuffed with the results. I can't show you online yet, but I will take it to SA Quilters Guild on Thursday. From tomorrow I will be participating in a studio blog hop with 15 other Oceania SAQA members. What does that mean? Well 15 of us are sharing our studios online. Every two days, until the end of May you can visit a different textile artists studio. I think it's a great idea. The first one tomorrow will be the studio of Mel Forrest. Sue Dennis, Jenny Bowker, Beth Miller, Lisa Walton to name a few are participating, so I think it will be fun to see where …

Things I found at Australasian Quilt Convention 2012

You've all been to quilt shows. I'm certain you've all been impressed by the quilts you've seen… But sometimes the art of one or two quilters jumps right out at you and gives you a wallop. From the age of 13 when I could go into the city by myself, I often visited the Art Gallery of South Australia.  Margaret Prestons' paintings were a magnet. I was really taken by  them, I don't remember verbalizing  my impressions to anyone, they were just plain interesting.  So in other words… like the quilts I enjoy,  they gave me a wallop. Equally I loved the art of Nora Heysen. I would stand in front of the paintings just soaking up the design and color. Gum Blossom In latter years I've bought prints of these paintings from the gallery to frame and add to my house collection. Self Portrait 1930 It was with surprise that I received that same feeling when I stood in front of the wonderful quilts of Merelyn Pearce. Merelyn has used the art of Margaret …

Quilting, Quilting, Quilting.

Emptying out my trash by the machine from this mornings work.   3 needles…..!!!! I change needles often, but 3 in 3 hours, really. I'm doing a lot of quilting on this quilt and I needed to change needles for each thread. The dish I use for my bin is made from paper, a Korean art taught to my Mum from my Sister Jan who is a master at Hanji. Mums gone now, so it's a daily reminder. The thread is stored in a container for future use… but the container is now full. Now what do I do with it!!!

Yes I can, and did.!!!!

This was an experiment. How does the fabric react to ink. Threads… – (I used 5 different kinds), needles 60/8 sharp, 70/10 sharp, Superior top stitch. It is a serious piece because it goes in my sample pile for the photography and freemotion illustration class. It's not finished, but pretty close to it. The image was quilted with Superior bottom line…. both in the bobbin and top. The thread count of the fabric is a little wider than I normally use, I wondered if the needle would go through the fabric fibre or would it seperate the waft and weft. I managed to do both with different threads and needles. I used CherryWood 40 weight multicolored cotton thread. Rayon, Superior cotton, 50 weight. Janome embroidery thread. The back of the quilt is as important to me as the front of the quilt. I'm quite happy with this…but I would like black silk to sew the illustration in. Next time. !!! I used different colors on the back to the front… but there was no thread …

Things I found at Australasian Quilt Convention 2012

  I'm always looking for something different. Simply because I just want to see how it will figure in my work and it triggers my imagination. Reece Scannell's booth 'Cotton that looks like Silk'  captured my interest. There has to be a reason why the fabric gives me goose bumps. Think about it, image a cotton that is vibrant, textured and looks like silk because it's woven in two colors to provide a shot effect. "The warps and the fillings of shot fabrics are dyed different colors so that the fabric appears to change color at different viewing angles. These color-changing characteristics are found to be related to the physical and geometrical structure of shot fabric." Take a look at these wonderful wraps on Reece's web site. They really do look like silk.   These are the fabrics that I purchased and I'm anxious to see how they react to piecing, and illustration. So, I'm going to try a small sample quilt tomorrow.  

Back to Normal (whatever that is)

    It's nice to be home despite the interesting things I picked up. !!!!! I had a problem writing the blog in the first week because I was so busy at the festival. Then at the Villa, the internet was intermittent. Grrrr. Luana has gone on to Canberra for a few days, but we ticked everything off the list that she wanted to do. It was a bit hectic, but we sure had fun. I really enjoyed the break. I'm going to share more about the festival in following blogs. I'll share the fabric I bought, and the images I have for textile art from the photos and images I produced. What am I going to do with them.? From the delicousness of the quilts to the raw power of the Graffiti and the delight I get from just shooting images of the 'normal and formal.' Back to the shopping, cooking, washing and gardening. !!!    

2012 Southern New Mexico Festival of Quilts.

The time has come, the walrus said… time to book, and share 3 days (or just one day) with me. We laugh a lot, learn a lot and give a lot. First National Bank Presents The Southern New Mexico Festival of Quilts Featuring   Pam Holland Save the Date!!! Otero County Fairgrounds – Alamogordo, N.M.  June 21, 22 & 23, 2012 Reserve your class today!!! (Download and complete the form “2012 SNM Festival Inside” -  fax to 575-437-1631) Download 2012 SNM Festival Brochure Front-2 Download 2012 SNM Festival Inside psd-1 Download 2012 Pam Holland 8X10-2 The community of Alamogordo is gearing up for an exciting time celebrating their Third annual  Southern New Mexico Festival of Quilts- “Celebrating New Mexico” Pam Holland of Australia is one of our nations’ top five quilters and is featured on The Quilt Show as the traveling quilter under Word Video’s.  Back by popular demand, Pam will return to Alamogordo to host a three day extravaganza.  Festivities begin with the vendors set up and classes on Thursday June 21, 2012. Award winning …

Another amazing day.

This is my second attempt at completing the blog. The internet died last night, I woke up at 1.30, and it was back on, so I quickly posted and then the it went out again and I lost it all. !!!!! We had an early start yesterday. With great enthusiasm we wandered down to the beach and watch a procession of events. The sea was calm, cool and spectacularly beautiful, something I don't see  living in the Hills The sea rescue squad was training, a small dog waited with doggy baited breath for them to come back out of the surf. His eyes ever vigilant on the sea. Sometimes he would let out a low howl….."Where are they"? then he went and sat by the surfboard of his owner. We saw a surfing dog. A big old white hairy dog raced down to the sea from the cliffs above. He bounded into the waves, rose high as the waves took him, his legs paddling in mid air, then he paddled with determination out to sea …