Stick to the fabric Pam

It's the day after daylight saving finished.

The computers, my radio, everything changes automatically, but not the body clock.

So, it's 3.00 (which was really 4.00) and I'm wide awake and ready to work.

The dogs are asleep by the heater, the sky is clear and the stars through the skylight are amazing, a possum just stomped on the tin roof.

Why am I typing on the computer rather than quilting….?

Well I got so carried away watching a very graphic documentary on the TV, I sewed while my finger was under the machine and  I put the needle through my finger again…. so I don't want to drip on the quilt.

I'm typing with one finger and checking my emails.




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  1. Lynn in Orlando says:

    Ouch! Sorry for the sore finger. Hope the rest of your day is goes well and you find time to relax too.

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