Finishing the illustrations…


These are new illustations for my book and of course they are copyright to me…… chookies...

I'm making a few changes…. 10 in fact……!!!!

Z for Zebra…. I took photos of Zebras in the San Diego Zoo and I used it as a model.


R for Ralf… this is my little Dog Ralf who figures in the story too.

These illustrations are done on fabric rather than paper. It's been a lovely day, just drawing, the sun on my back, music and stories and cofee…. I'm in heaven.

I have 4 more to finish in this genre, the some pen and ink on paper, talk about deadline….!!!

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  1. Carolyn says:

    Ralfy is so cute. I love the way he jumps up beside you and snuggles in. I’m glad he is in the book.

  2. Liz Renner says:

    Me too! I love that Ralphie is letter R, perfect for us followers of your life and art. The zebra is fantabulous. Wow, he’s got style extraordinaire. Can’t wait to buy the book. I’m hoping it’ll be available from you with a signature.

  3. Pam says:

    It will be on my web site, I will have them at Houston too.
    I’m really excited and it’s so nice to have full control of the process.
    Write, Illustrate, publish and design…. (there is a fabric range)
    It’s just taken a while.

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