Easter doings – re creating garments.

Its been a busy Easter with family events, illustrating, writing and photographing…

Tilly and her family shifted into a new house with a Pool!!!!!! So that was pretty darn exciting…

Rachael sent this phone photo….!!! cute.

I've received a armload of books to study… some I like, others are a little disappointing…

I can't believe the standard of work in some books….. I found myself shaking my head… but then again.. they are art quilts, is that what is expected.?  Then again I'm a little too darn fussy.

I'll work through them.

As I travel I collect things and I bought a rust top in Mexico… Oaxaca in fact. Many of the Americans were sporting these tops so I just had to have one.

I thought I could wear if over my swimming togs, but they don't get much of an airing… so the other day I slit it down the off center and made a light jacket.


I just added a black band on the cut edge… the applique squares were from the scraps of fabric I bought the other day at the market…

I only had a black button, but I'm going to paint one…

The beads were from an Indian market in Arizona we visited last year and then just a little discarded sari silk I bought at Long Beach last year….

I added a little applique to some new black pants that needed shortening.

Voila a new outfit.

Tomorrow is family day… it will be just super duper.

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  1. Lynn in Orlando says:

    Happy Easter, Pam

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