Australasian Quilt Conference report

Friday morning and it's going to be a busy day so I'm attempting to catch up on all of yesterdays events.

The AQC is being held in the Royal Exhibition Building

The surrounding gardens and the building was built in 1880 for Melbourne’s first international exhibition, a product of the optimism, enthusiasm and energy of the people of Melbourne in the late-19th century.

Melbourne was a prosperous city, basking in the wealth from the richest gold rush in the world. How better to publicize the achievements and opportunities in the colony of Victoria than by hosting an international exhibition?

Today, the Royal Exhibition Building flourishes as one of the world's oldest exhibition pavilions, symbolizing the great 19th-century international exhibition movement.

With its meticulously-restored opulent interior, expansive galleries and soaring dome, the Great Hall continues to offer a magnificent setting for trade shows, fairs and cultural and community events.

It's a perfect venue for sharing quilts and beautiful fabrics.


Yesterday morning there was a constant stream of people wending their way across the park to the entrance.

The sun shone and it was a perfect day.

The organizers, Judy and Garry Newman were there to greet everyone, selling tickets and making sure all went well. They are up front all the time, I admire them so much for bringing this event to Australia.

The crowds were pressing most of the day, but not uncomfortable and there are so many things to see you really do need a few days to take it all in.

I took 600 photos yesterday  and I have many more areas to photograph.

As I mentioned yesterday there is a strong Japanese contingent. The  ladies are delightful and gracious, sharing the art of tea making and origami.

They have their own exhibition on show.

Thew was a perceptable buzz. I chatted to dozens of people and everyone was delighted with the event.

Of course, upstairs, there are classes being conducted with some of the best teachers in the country and overseas.

I'm not too sure how many booths are there but with the natural light falling from the lofty ceilings I'm empowered to film as a photographer and it feels like you are in a very special place… which we are indeed.

IMG_7836_2I took still photographs of the quilts yesterday, I will take more today and then film.

I'm never here at this time of the years and I feel sorry that I've missed out over the past few years.

As well as the 'Best of Australia' quilts on display there is a retrospective by

Merelyn Pearce. I am in awe of her quilts taken from the designs of artist Margaret Preston.

I've seen some of her work in our gallery in Adelaide, but now I must research her further…. and she was born in our home town.

78434Margaret Preston (1875 – 1963) was a well-known Australian artist. She was highly influential during the 1920s to 1940s for her modernist works as a painter and print-maker and for introducing Aboriginal motifs into contemporary art.


Well time for breaky and a meeting, so more this evening.



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