AQC observation.

It's late and finally I can get to the blog.

So with coffee cheese and crackers at the ready, I begin.

The internet is slow so I'm unable to add too many  photos…

I wrote this yesterday in my notebook as I waited in the foyer for Luana

"The hype of walking the booths and quilts dies down as the sun lowers and a shadow engulfs the building.

I'm sitting watching the crowds of people walk to the exit.

Without exception, everyone has one or two bags of preciousness. I can see an iron shoe and rolls of something in a handiquilter bag carried by one lady.

The dress of the day seems to be comfy shoes and unconventional cut digitally printed stretch garments  accompanied by black leggins.

Whoops, a lady coming through the door has outdone herself with a large number of acquisitions.

She stops, places the bags on the floor and proceeds to consolidate the piles. If she has to go on the tram it's going to be interesting.

"I don't know about you, but I've had it" stated a lady at the next table. She gently eases herself into the white plastic chair and turned another  to place her tired legs and shoeless feet onto.

The age range  of those who pass by is in the 45 – 70 range and there are varying degrees of mobility.

I keep meeting people in between takes.

Can I remember names…. NO!!! sometimes not even where we originally met, but faces are familiar. Its been wonderful visiting…Lola from Kunanurra, the Adelaide girls, Students from New Zealand, Japan and Britain… they are all there.

I photographed every quilt.  I stood and studied some of them for  a while. Some are plain works of art others are mindbogglingly detailed.

Some wavered in completion, others sat flat and compact, but all were significant journeys of the makers.

We attended a lecture at 5.30 presented by Leslie Riley.


She states.

"Art is a way of life in our house. I can teach my children and grandchildren now, what it took me over 40 years to discover ~ that creating, making art, is a natural, free-flowing process that requires no special time, no secluded space, no Masters of Fine Art."

Leslie calls her small quilts 'Fragments.' she shared her experiences of 'starting your art.'

Dinner last night was at a gathering of SAQA members and several of the tutors, I admit to being rather tired and certainly not able to complete a blog.

Today was a running day. Interview after Interview, and then the final dinner presented with flair and fanfare.

Best of Australia Quilt was announced and it was by Merelyn Pearce

A stunningly beautiful quilt. It was so nice to meet her today for an interview.

It's midnight and time to retire. The music has worked it magic, the coffee was "Ahhhh" and now to prepare for yet another busy day.

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