The last day at AQC

Street art.    Gallery link

I began this post last night and then lost it….

We had a wonderful day yesterday, filming, interviewing and 'sharing the lurve'

Brenda Gael Smith Curated a wonderful Exhibition, Beneath the Southern Sky.

I urge you to go to the web site and view the exhibition, the pieces are wonderful.


This quilt is by Suzanne Gummow.

I love the colors and composition. Once I have gone through my photos I will put them up in a Gallery, but you can see them all at the web site highlighted above.

We did an interview with Elaine Rose, editor of Australian Patchwork and Quilting…

After 5 days here, it was time to relax and take the photos I love…

Like most tourists we visited the famous Housier street.


A little alleyway off Flinders St in Melbourne, much frequented by tourists because of the  interesting  restaurants and cafes makes this great graffiti spot accessible to all.

Many of he streets surrounding the area are covered in street art.

I find it fascinating. It's contained in a this small area and to our surprise, down the lane came a beautiful bride on the arm of her  smiling husband. I think it was real, she did look a little like a live Barbie.

Beauty against the rawness of her surroundings.

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  1. suzanne Gummow says:

    Great that you have seethe show – thanks for putting up my quilt
    Just returning from Sri Lanka
    See you soon

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