Yes I can, and did.!!!!

This was an experiment.

How does the fabric react to ink.

Threads... – (I used 5 different kinds), needles 60/8 sharp, 70/10 sharp, Superior top stitch.

It is a serious piece because it goes in my sample pile for the photography and freemotion illustration class.

It's not finished, but pretty close to it.

The image was quilted with Superior bottom line…. both in the bobbin and top.

The thread count of the fabric is a little wider than I normally use, I wondered if the needle would go through the fabric fibre or would it seperate the waft and weft.

I managed to do both with different threads and needles.

I used CherryWood 40 weight multicolored cotton thread. Rayon, Superior cotton, 50 weight.

Janome embroidery thread.


The back of the quilt is as important to me as the front of the quilt. I'm quite happy with this…but I would like black silk to sew the illustration in.

Next time. !!!

I used different colors on the back to the front… but there was no thread shadow…



Color choice.


Orange is another sun and fire related color. It should also be noted that orange is used on road construction signs, so at some level it signifies danger.  Purple has been used for a long time to identify royalty. It also carries a calming feel similar to blue. Another curious observation about the social role of color is that different colors have been classified as either feminine or masculine.

Colors have the various social symbols attached to them as well as individual significance. Vision is associated with memory; so thinking of a certain color can evoke strong mental images, based on peoples remembrances of experiencing the various colors. One can see the important role color plays in creating a work of art. Every time an artist puts his or her brush to the canvas the social as well as personal significance of color must be taken into account.

I don't normally quilt vertically… I believe it fractures the image… but this quilt led to vertical quilting and I changed colors subtly to give more texture.

I aimed  to investigate the conditions that contribute to the illusion of motion pictures, an effect that is technically known as "apparent movement"

OK so I'm supposed to be re-doing some of the illustrations for my book… now I can get back to it… !!!

concentrate Pamela

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  1. Wendy in Kennewick says:

    This is really wonderful, Pam. I think you really captured his forward motion by illustrating, but not quilting the buildings.

  2. Pam says:

    Thanks Wendy…. super that you noticed it…!!!!

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