Blog hop and Video.

I've just finished compiling a video for the Quilt Show on the Australasian Quilt Conference  2012.

To be honest… I'm really pleased with the results… it takes about 10 hours to complete one of these projects…. mmmmm but this one took a lot longer… I wanted to capture the "Australian" theme.

I will let you know when its up on the  show URL.

I'm so far behind with the blog hop, two blogs to share….

Linda Roberts

Lisa Walton

and included is a video I filmed for Luana Rubin on the SAQA exhibition.


You can view all the Quilts on the Beneath the Southern Sky Gallery.


It was a busy weekend, but now I can concentrate on finishing my assignment and finishing my  drawings…



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  1. Hi Pam
    Thank you for your great videography and editing! Curating the exhibition has been a wonderful experience and it is a privilege to be able to share such a showcase of textile works.
    A full Exhibition Program is on the Beneath the Southern Sky website at
    and, for US readers, includes exhibitions in Lancaster and Paducah in March and April 2013.

  2. kerry brack says:

    Dear Pam
    I so loved Brenda Gael Smith as a commentator on the works in the exhibit. Wonderful. Kerry Sydney

  3. Pam says:

    Brenda, You’re welcome.
    This is Luana’s video. Mine will be up on the Quilt show tomorrow or the next day, but I will post a link on my blog.

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