Mothers day at the Hollands

This is the first time I've been home for Mothers day for some time.

My Mum passed almost two years ago so I salute her memory.

My Sister Jan had this photo on FB recently… (I am the eldest) I was 8 in this photo and I had no wrinkles….!!!


I've had the loveliest day.

As I look through the cards I find my children  have written the nicest things and to top it off, we had a wonderful brunch high in carbs and good for the soul.

The afternoon was quiet and for weeks I've been saving a special movie to watch on a special occasion.

'Goodbye Bafana'    It was the story of Nelson Mandela and his incarceration.

Just 6 months ago, I walked into his cell on Robben Island and I recognized many of the  scenes in the movie.



So snuggled under a warm quilt, The heater on, a coffee by my side, I was transported into another world.

Its amazing isn't it, that we can be part of history in the making. I sat up in bed and watched the release of nelson Mandela, I've walked in his footsteps but I still can't comprehend the pain and suffering of the South African people.



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