What is the ADVENTURE you ask?

What is the ADVENTURE you ask?

Finishing my book right now. Today in fact.!!!!


  • Adventure means driving through Ireland with 42 ladies in a few weeks time.
  • Adventure is beginning  a media tour next week.
  • Adventure is being a Tutor and meeting the most interesting of people from Alice Springs in Outback Australia, to the gals immersed in chocolate in Hershey USA.
  • Adventure is finding yourself in really difficult situations and getting through it (like getting mugged in South Africa) falling off an elephant in Thailand and becoming desperately ill with a tick bite.
  • Adventure is breaking down on the side of the road in Mexico. Our driver left us for two hours alone looking for help.
  • Adventure is chaperoning 50 teenagers through Chile and Argentina and traveling across the Andes by myself in a bus.
  • Adventure is being the Mum of thirteen bambinos. Our kids are legends. The adventures piled on top of one another when they were all in their teens.
  • Adventure is playing Kings and Queens in the cubby house with the grandies.
  • Adventure is immersing yourself in a project as I am now and sharing it with my friends.
  • Adventure is anticipating 5 days photographing in New York.
  • Adventure is sinking into my huge hotel bed with feather pillows in my room and thinking about how lucky I am.


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  1. Liz Renner says:

    Adventure from an arm chair following Pam Holland, and loving it! Thanks. You are an amazing woman. I’m always in awe and always wanting more.

  2. Courtnie Burrell says:

    I read your post daily and look forward to reading about all your adventures. I too have a blessed life and look forward to all the adventures it holds.

  3. Carolyn says:

    All adventures are on hold for me till I’m fully recovered. Thank God I can look at yours and know that life hasn’t stopped!

  4. Pam says:

    Well, it has to stop soon. (The extensive travel I mean) but once the Bayeux is launched I could be busier than ever. It won’t be all quilt based though.
    Take care folks… Caroline you are an amazing gal and I love your adventures.

  5. Wow, amazing! I’m now your fan. I like adventures too.

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