Round Robin – Husband Quilt. !!!!


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The last blog shared in a little drama, the internet  was slowed to a snails pace. I finally completed  it after many hours of waiting. In retrospect, Its a bit sad that the panic rises when you can't get on the net.!!!

I guess we all have a history in using the Internet. I can't remember how many years has it been since I first used the internet. I thought I was so clever!!!!

When I first joined an online a quilt group I saved every email……Oi…. but I loved reading the messages. I learned a lot from other quilters in those days. When the paper work got to mountain size and threatened to swamp me, I stopped doing it.

Being frivolous I was in a  'swap' (well lots really) Somehow there was a discussion about a husband round robin.

Jacquie wrote: "LOL! I even wrote a verse about it — ANOTHER ROUND ROBIN?

The very thought of a husband round robin
Has tickled my funny bone.
Imagine getting the loan of someone Else's
In exchange for your own!
Our fancy has flown to a trip to Australia,
Impractical though it may be —
The very idea sends our fantasy flying
In the face of reality.
Still, the idea has merit as an idea
And to carry it out without guilt
The obvious answer is plain to see:
A Round Robin Husband Quilt."



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  1. Jacquie Scuitto says:

    Those were the days, weren’t they?

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