I made it….

I left home 36 hours ago and I'm now able to relax a little.

The trip was great, but I didn't sleep much. I just got into the pj/s they give you and relaxed watching movies and working.

Its funny when you think of it… 60 people or so all dressed the same in gray trackies with a darn big kangaroo on the front. Qantas-Pyjamas

It's a bit like a school uniform really.

More and more people are changing into them these days and they are really comfy.

I have a huge task ahead of me over the next couple of months and I will share what I can.



I know it can get a bit boring looking other folks 'travel photos' but my family can keep track of me that way, I don't need to ring Keith, he just reads my blog. !!!!

I was at the hotel early, but had to wait for my room for an hour. It's about 2.00 am Australia time when I arrive so I try to keep the meal schedule for the first day or so, but it's hard when they give you breakfast at 12.30 am, just after midnight Aus time.

I pretty much have a regime when I arrive here in LA, sleep till around 1.00 pm  and then go shopping……as you do. !!!

It's warm folks, warm, warm… I sat in the sun waiting for the bus and soaked up the warmth of the sun. Sigh.

There is  the Ocean Express trolly which goes past the hotel every hour. It used to be $2,now its $5 and it will take you to Manhattan beach and to several shopping areas.

It's a good hint… often the plane doesn't leave LA till midnight on the return leg to Australia, and you can have a great day for $5 hopping on and off the bus.

Tomorrow I am going to Lacma  I've been trying to get there for several years now, tomorrow is the day.!!!!! woow.

So as I watch the final of American Idol, I leave you from LA.

Friday I will be in New Mexico and we begin a round of media for 5 days. I'm also going to attend my first graduation and have a big party.


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  1. Di says:

    OMG – you and Luke just missed each other. He left LA last night and arrived home this morning!!

  2. I would like to see how I could grab your rss feed to stay updated of any changes on your website, but I cant find it, where is the link for it?

  3. Mary says:

    Welcome to the USA! Your blog is so inspiring – I love checking in on it daily to see where you are and what you are doing. Your photography is great! Thanks for sharing the world, and the world of quilting with us.
    Mary in New Mexico

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