LACMA and the Farmers Market

I've had a wonderful day today.

I wonder if you've ever been to LACMA? If not, give it a go when you're in LA

I'm on their mailing list and it's been something I've wanted to do for a long time… well finally I went today.

OOOh, but how to get there?

I'm staying near the airport ready for a 6.30 am start tomorrow and LACMA is 9 miles away. I looked at the buses, I would have to catch 3 and it would take me an hour and a half to get there and then the same to get back.

So a taxi was the go.

The concierge organized a young man to pick me up, take me to the Farmers Market, wait for me for a few hours and then take me to LACMA.

We had a wonderful conversation as we sat in the car in the traffic jam, he came from Ethiopia some 15 years ago.

He  organized for his wife to pick me up from LACMA at 4.00 pm and bring me back to the hotel.

"Look for the lady with an orange shirt and a big camera" he told her.

We had a great chat as she drove me through the ribbons of traffic. Past some less than salubrious districts,  and through the hundreds of  oil pumps right in the middle of the suburbs.

I love those situations, so special, just little gems in the day.

I spent a few hours at the LA Farmers Market, its similar to our Central Market in Adelaide, It's undercover, with lots of delicious quality goods and a great ambiance. Besides there is a great shopping avenue next door.

I bumped into "Whats her name" the runner up in American Idol.

And who is this guy?

I found Marimekko Fabric and just marveled at the design and color.

Everything is so bright this year, Orange, green, oh, my..

Even in the clothes store… Everything is BRIGHT.

Its Fantastic.!!! what a prelude so summer.

I found my favorite store Anthropologie and a store I've not come across before. "Johny Was" I think it's called



OK< back to the Farmers Market.

They have rows of these green wooden trolleys to transport your goods. Rectangle boxes of sorts, green and a little unwieldy but they look wonderful.

Fitting the history of the market, the chairs and tables are painted vintage green, brown and orange. Right up my alley in color and style.

I had a great time, I didn't sample the food, I'm trying to cut down. I find it easier on the road than at home.

This is a long post, so I will do LACMA later.

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  1. Wendy in Kennewick says:

    I visited the LACMA site and found their blog titled “Whistler’s Etchings: An Art of Suggestion” interesting. The technique reminded me of your silk quilt, where the background features are not as well-defined (unfinished in their words) as the main focus. As i said regarding your quilt that gives it perspective and in your case motion.
    safe travels,

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