Graduation Day

It's 10 pm here in Alamogordo and 1.30 am the next day at home.

At 4.00 this afternoon the time change hit and I felt a strong urge to go to sleep in mid conversation… !! fortunately I made it through without any one noticing and we completed a wonderful day.

I've been running at a pace for the past week or so and sitting chatting today told my body to relax more than it should.

My friends daughter graduated today and I attended with a full stadium of parents and relatives. Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles arrived to celebrate her success. She was made to feel very special.

It was a moving occasion as 340+ young people were honored for their hard work over the past 12 years or so.

Our girl graduated on the honor roll and it was a touching ceremony. I wish we did it in Australia.

The we had a big party for the rest of the day, delicious regional food and 90 deg temps…. I admit to being a little sun kissed tonight.

We ate, brats and beans, brisket on buns and potato salad topped off by a huge cake…

The boys took time out to wash and blow dry Bruce the steer. He looked like he enjoyed the experience.

I found the whole experience fascinating.

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