I think she has an eye problem !!!

Its amusing.

It's funny, I was in Wally World today and was greeted by a delightful young lady who recognized me and said she had breakfast with me each morning…

It seems the ads for our event were played each morning at breakfast time on the radio.

A similar thing happened in Cloud Croft today.

A lady behind the counter greeted me as I walked in to her shop.

"Oh you look like that English film star" (I think she has an eye problem)   I answered her and I ensured her that I'm not…. "Yes, you know the one in The Marigold Hotel" !!!!

No, I'm not, I said…. "but you have the right accent" she insisted.

"No", said a lady who came out from another room "she's the Quilting Lady, Pam Holland."

The same thing happened on several other occasions… I was beginning to wonder if I had a sign on my back.

However, it's heartening, it proves that the event organizers are doing their promotion job well.

We begin the round of media again on Tuesday and Wednesday. Radio interviews, rehearse and read the adverts, TV, lunch lectures, Quilt Shop meet and greet and a few other interesting events then a 4.00 am start to the airport the next day.

So we need you all to come and support us in Alamogordo at the Southern New Mexico Festival of Quilts

2012-pam-holland-8x10.pdf (1 page)
We've raised a lot of money for the young people of the area and we hope to give another $20,000 this year.

If you can't come to class, join us for dinner on Wednesday evening or come visit the quilt show and wonderful vendors.

I'd love to visit with you, I have a few new quilts to share that haven't been seen in public before.

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  1. Nedra says:

    We just saw Marigold Hotel last night, and during the film I kept thinking that Judi Dench made me think of you. It might have been her thoughtful approach, or possibly wonderful way she dressed in linens with wonderful scarves. And even though she is English, and not Australian, her voice was gentle like yours.

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