Its a new hairdresser!!!, “Just color the grey honey”

This is the view of the mountains this morning. Fires in the mountains in Arizona have caused a jet stream of smoke and it led to a spectacular scene as we drove into town.

We had a couple of radio interviews,  I've done it many times now so it's a bit like catching up with old friends. IMG_9967

OK, so now I think the hair color is tooooo blonde in this photo…..I hope it was the reflection of the orange.

Its a new hairdresser!!!,

"Just color the grey honey"

Maybe she tried to blend it, there's not much hair there to work with, its  a bit short but great for travel.!!!!!

We had a lovely visit for a couple of hours with a room full of eager quilters at the local Quilt shop. There were lots of interesting questions and thanks ladies for the lovely emails this evening.

Then on to lunch and a planning meeting.

Our event has grown dramatically and there is so much work going on in the background to make this a success.

We have over 30 booths vending, lots of food stalls  and of course I'm passionate about the Green chilli cheese burgers served… the hotter, the better.

Visitors are vending from out of state as well as locals  and I'm glad I don't have to work out the logistics.


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