New York at last.

I was just too tired to write last night.

With the expectation of an early morning I went to bed early and fell into a deep sleep, only to wake at 2.30 am ready for the alarm to go off at 3.30. You know what its like.


Sunset last night, the glow was due to the bush fires

My time in Alamogordo was wonderful, I had a few days down time when I arrived. The pressure of getting things ready to travel and finishing the book was intense, so a little 'me' time which was much appreciated.

My friends are like family and we don't see each other for a year and then slot right back into the same envelope when I return.

We went from one radio interview to another, then a couple of guest appearances and interviews for the paper… Its about not me, its all in the name of our Event, the Southern New Mexico Festival of Quilts.

A guest at one of the visits said, that a small country town held a huge quilt event with the likes of (famous Quilter names) as Tutors….

But ours is totally different. No one gets paid at our event.

I donate my airfare, expertise and time. A committee of like minded folk do the same and work tirelessly all year. The first National Bank and other sponsors assist and  The children of Otero county are the beneficiaries. We've been able to help countless children and families in the community.

You know, I've been given a lot in the name of quilting and this is my pay it forward.

OK, for my Australian friends who wonder why I'm doing this for children half way around the world rather than home… Quite frankly, I was asked !!!  … but I do lend my time and name to two child based projects at home as well and to be quite frank, Keith and I have been involved with  aid programs overseas and at home for almost 38 years… its just the way it is.

The flights were great today, affording me wonderful views in the peace and privacy of my own environment. I put on my earphones, listen to classical music and float through the air. Its a nice way to spend a day.


However, it took 3 hours to get through the evening traffic from the airport.

I'm here to photograph and then meet my group to go to Ireland for the Quilt event.

I will break each day up into a genre.

People, Textiles, Texture, and pictorial.


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  1. Candy says:

    Working in the World Village. Good for you!

  2. kateoz says:

    No need for any apologies or reasons Pam – we are each led along different paths. Love the shot of the fields from the plane.

  3. Mary Adams says:

    Pam, the children and families in New Mexico are sure happy you are involved in this project. We get the same criticism here in the States whenever we support projects abroad. One wonders how many, if any, such projects the critics support – in their own country or anywhere else. We have a saying, “No good deed goes unpunished.” Have a great time in Ireland.

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