A happy place

I visited the fabric district in New York yesterday.

Actually I set out a bit early, it was Saturday and some shops are not open because its a religious holiday…. others opened at 11.00 am. I set out at 9.30.

But you know, wandering is wonderful.

You find all sorts of wonderful things.

I came across a flea market on a vacant block of land. I enjoyed watching the people as much as I enjoyed the goods for sale. Old bikes, fur coats, African wonders at hugely inflated prices.


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It was a delight, just a little further down the street I found an entire carpark full of antiques and brick a brack.

The characters working in the booths were as interesting as their wares. Vintage linen.

IMG_0059 IMG_0060
I want one of these for my house….!


But I was looking for the quilt store. So on I went.

I found it. Its a mid size store and well set out… unfortunately I was unable to take photos but I enjoyed the visit. I will go back when I come back in a few weeks. I want to buy some NY fabric.

I found stores full of buttons, beads, wonderful design houses and by lunch time my legs were killing me. I had walked 6 kms. I had planned a different lunch, a halal lamb lunch from a special food cart, but when I came across a restaurant where I could sit and eat food familiar to me I took the opportunity.


I had a break for an hour or so and took off for central park till almost dusk.

You know, it was one of the happiest places I've visited for a long time.

People in the field.

picnicing and playing games.

I just stood and watched and smiled. It was so nice to see people enjoying themselves.

The gardens are so green, the flowers just add a sparkle and with the sun leaving long shadows it was just beautiful.

People danced with their skates on and the music encouraged the rhythm and lots of smiles.

IMG_0118 IMG_0110
Drummers, dancers, bubble blowers and the beauty of tango. I saw it all.



I visited the mac store that is open 24 hours a day, got caught up in a police chase and that wasn't the end of the day, but the blog is long enough.

The walk was long enough, by the end of the day my I watch tells me I had walked 11.85 kms.

Can you tell that this is an inspirational place?


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  1. peggy a bass says:

    ty for taking me to ny through you beautiful pictures…peg in ks

  2. therese says:

    another lovely quilt shop in NY is Purl Soho – http://www.purlsoho.com

  3. Pam says:

    Thanks Therese, I’ll look it up.

  4. Pam says:

    Peggy, you’re welcome.

  5. ZaraZ says:

    You really do capture the mood of NY beautifully.Suddenly its on my list of travels! Thanks Pam for a lovely insight into a travelling quilter’s life. Enjoy!

  6. Tyson Sieger says:

    It was a long yet fulfilling day for you, right? Yes, it’s so tiring to walk and wander all day long, but the satisfaction and the bliss is enough to shake off the weariness. There’s more to discover, that’s why we should keep on exploring the world. Hmm. Why were there drummers, dances and bubble blowers at the park? Was there any particular occasion at the time?

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