Time to go.

3/4 of an hour and I leave for the airport.

Bags are packed, weighed and standing to attention.

I've got the new brolly ready, lets hope the weather in nice for the next 11 days.

The image above, my small grandchildrens' shoes remind me that I miss them terribly when I travel. I need to give them a hug. Our small babies will have grown such a lot by the time I get home.

I have work to do on the plane, editing and finishing illustrations, it's only 6 hours so I don't think I will sleep too much.

Travel is an art.

Packing the bags is an art.

Dealing with luggage, shuttles, airports… all very tactical.

I still make mistakes, but I'm getting better.However, I don't cope with a cloud of black above me, so I got quite damp walking the 10 blocks or so to Anthropologie to buy an umbrella I felt comfortable with.I'm going to call it 'Out my window' Have you ever looked at the top of buildings… they are so unique and here in NY, there are the neatest water towers on every building.. they have small sloping roofs and textured sides.

Shaun Tan, Australian Artist captures it graphically and whimsically





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